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December 27, 2013
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Digimon World CtZ: Official Crest Designs by Midnitez-REMIX Digimon World CtZ: Official Crest Designs by Midnitez-REMIX
So for my upcoming Digimon fangame "Digimon World: Countdown to Zero" I wanted to make my own original crests. I have 5 protagonists (You + 4 secondary protagonists) so rather than picking 5 of the cannon crests I figured it would be more original to use my own. That also means that the armor evolving eggs available in the game will be of these 5 crests. I may have to edit some cannon armor Digimon to fit my crests should I choose any to use.

Here are the crests, what they mean and who they belong to:

A) Curiosity - (You) - Curiosity is represented by a "?" and is colorless due to it could be about anything. It's fitting that the type it corresponds with is Unknown type Digimon.
B) Ambition - Michel Li - Ambition is an arm trying to grasp the sun and represents both Celestial and Darkness type Digimon.
C) Perseverance - Lynn Collins - Perseverance is an arrow speeding through a wall; represented by red which usually means stop while green means go. It's types of Digimon that go along with it are Wind and Electric.
D) Loyalty - Jake Collins - Loyalty's symbol is a hear and a sword combined and is a close replacement  to a combo of Courage and Friendship. Loyalty represents the Fire and Machine type Digimon.
E) Benevolence - Nadia Mcloud - Benevolence Is meant to look like a hand giving a heart; or love and caring specifically. Benevolence sits with Water, Nature and Basic type Digimon; also has an affinity with healing abilities.

There you go. I'll wait a bit longer before I do the armor eggs until I've finished planning more of the Champion / Ultimate level Digimon. Enjoy! :D

Crests (c) Me
DigiArmor Eggs: COMING SOON
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cool designs^^
Midnitez-REMIX Dec 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks; which one do you like the most?
Curiosity i like cus it fits me if i was a digidestined or tamer. 
Midnitez-REMIX Dec 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, I figured it would be a good crest that fits a player who is exploring a game.
yup^^ and i wish there were more digimon games in the us or one digimon game where i can use my created digimon i have
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