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Fangames For 2014

Celestite Remastered: Not Dead by Midnitez-REMIX

Celestite: Remastered

Info: My favorite of my projects and the only one with the longest amount of gameplay published. Well that was a couple years ago, now time for a remastered version! :D

Pokecchi Championships: Fangame Title by Midnitez-REMIX

Pokemon: Pokecchi Championships

Status: Incomplete
Info: The only adult Pokemon fangame I'll be working on. "Pokecchi" created by BadmanBastich + MissNips is an adult Pokemon art group (Ciel-Kingdom) and so this will be an adult Pokemon game inspired by that and my own work. You play as a Pokemon champion off to a big tournament!

Pokemon Black+White 3 Final Title Screen by Midnitez-REMIX

Pokemon Black & White 3

Info: Also known as "BW3" it takes place 5 years after the adventures of Pokemon Black/White 2. Months back I tried this project but had to cancel and I am rebooting it again and this time I will be doing the programming and spriting. In the demo length game you will begin as a new protagonist in a new town on a new adventure! This is not a sequel to BW2, just takes place in the same region.

Pokemon Midnite Waltz by Midnitez-REMIX

Pokemon: Midnite Waltz

Info: Explore a giant region mapped like a traditional JRPG and feature a multitude of unique areas and people. Along your journey you will need to foil the evil "Team Slumber" along with friends and foes alike. Who knows what there evil plan is; you'll just have to wait and see. Done in 5th-6th gen graphics.

Pokemon Project: The 7th Key by Midnitez-REMIX

The 7th Key

Info: In this unique Pokemon fangame you experience an adventure in a link of sky cities known as the "Chandelier". In your quest to escape to the world below you discover a hidden evil that wants to destroy the Chandelier! Done in 5th-6th gen graphics.

Pokemon Razzberyl + Blueberyl Fan-Titles by Midnitez-REMIX

Pokemon: Blueberyl & Razzberyl

Info: My only E rated Pokemon fangame. Has a lot of influence from childhood stories.

What do you think of "Me!Me!Me! - Feat. daoko & teddyloid"? (go to youtube, I can't post a link due to mature content) 

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I Have Names For All Of You!!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 3:42 PM

I'm looking for something witty to say up here and I'm drawing a blank - I'm sure you can do better or just edit this out. You can also use this div to get in some additional info at the bottom.

At some point in time, anyone who develops a following will often give a name to the group of people who follow you. You often see this in music artists like with "Swifties" and "Beliebers" for example. And though I'm still new at game development and I'm not hugely popular or known, I think it would be a good thing to start doing.

But I needed a name to both fit my name and fit your role in my life. Who are you to me? Well you're my fans, some are also my friends, teachers; many different relationship types. And not just that but when I'm feeling down you bring me up and when I'm up you take me higher. Whether you comment, fave or just stop by to check it out it's still helpful to me and I'm always thankful to have. I used to start my journals with "hey guys" and then moved onto "hey everyone" to address you all, but now I have a name for you!


Nitelitez are both singular and plural, so one of you is my Nitelitez and all of you are my Nitelitez! A nightlight is literally a small light you keep on at night to use for safety and/or to feel okay if you are afraid of the dark. You are all my lights that help me when I need it and so I figure it's an appropriate metaphor. So from now on I will begin my journals with "Hello my Nitelitez,"; has a nice ring to it. Midnitez and his Nitelitez; sounds like an awesome title for something. XD



Coffee by uswcm Coffee by Lestrovoy
coffee by SuzyTheButcher coffee by nienasycenie Coffee for Mister Klein by Floriandra
coffee city by Pushok-12 Coffee for Mister Klimt by Floriandra Coffee by Valexina
coffee art by rudat coffee by aufgaben1

This is almost the same div as in the header, it has an added white line at the top to set it apart from the stuff above - you may want to use it to add a copyright notice, or a short blurb concerning commissions or whatever else you want. I'm now using it to tell you that the cup in the header was from Kaotiksymphony-Stock and that I used MouritsaDA-Stock's brushes.
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